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Frequently Asked Questions

As you are considering attending our church you may have questions about how we worship and what you can expect. These frequently asked questions may help you to better understand our church community and feel more comfortable in your decision to visit us.

What if I am not interested in joining a church or making any commitment?

We invite you to come to our church and see what it is like. We will not pressure you to join our church or to give money or to participate in any way in which you are not comfortable. We know that selecting a church home or making a commitment is a process. We are happy to have you as a guest and discover if we are the right church community for you.

What type of service do you have? Is it formal? How long does it last?

Our service is a traditional Methodist service with a progressive, liberal theology. Sunday service consists of music, congregational singing, an adult choir, moments of contemplation and meditation, a pastoral sermon, and prayer. This sounds very formal, but we would not consider our church to be “stuffy”. We have announcements, a time for prayers and concerns within the church community, and a time after church dedicated to community fellowship. Our services typically last between an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. On the 1st Sunday of the month and on holidays we participate in an open Communion table where all are welcome to take part. 

Where can I park?

There is adequate parking in the lot behind the church which can be entered on either School Street or Cedar Street.


What do you have for children?

Children and families are an important part of our church. Children of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to worship alongside their grown-ups. We provide a nursery "pray area" for younger children that is open throughout the service. After our first hymn our school-aged children are invited to go downstairs to Sunday School and continue their learning. Throughout the year there are special activities designed specifically for families including an Children's Sunday, game nights, and Vacation Bible CAMP.

How do people dress at your church? What is considered appropriate dress?

You will see a variety of styles of dress at our church. Some people dress up, some dress casually, and some wear jeans and shorts in the summer. Our concern as a church community does not focus on this type of thing, and we want participants in our community to feel comfortable as they worship. 


Is the church prepared to handle persons with disabilities, physical challenges, and/or neuro-differences?

Yes. The church has a walk-in entrance at the side where there is an elevator that provides access to the sanctuary and the lower level. We also have access to hymnals and Bibles in braille, and special hearing devices with our sound system. Our congregation is prepared to provide special assistance to anyone and we consider ourselves to be a congregation that is welcoming of all.

How would you describe your church community? Are you fast-paced, big, small, friendly, family-focused, formal, diverse?

We are a small church community and as such you will find that most people actively engage one another at church and many people socialize beyond worship. We think you will find that we are a friendly and welcoming community. We are not fast-paced or demanding, but we do have a lot of things going on and there is opportunity for a lot of participation if that is what you want. While small, we are large enough to have a variety of small groups to meet the special interests of those in our community; and we are flexible enough to start new groups and promote new interests as new people join our community. We represent the diversity within our community. We welcome college students, those with disabilities/neuro-differences, and persons of all ages. We try to meet the needs of all members of our community.

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