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Small groups are considered to be a vital part of a thriving church community. The movement began in England in 1727 by Charles and John Wesley.  As the Methodist movement started congregations, moved into the United States, and became a denomination, it employed this same idea of small group ministries and of training laity to lead small groups, Bible Studies, and engage in a variety of mission work through small groups.

    • Small groups are also initiated by members of the church community to meet growing needs and interests. In the past we have had the following small groups which have been organized and coordinated by church members:

      • Sunday Morning Prayer Group

      • Mommy and Me Play Group

      • Youth Friday Night Movies

      • Women’s Coffee Club

      • Men’s Breakfast Group

      • Spirituali-TEA with the Pastor

      • Game ON! Game Nights

Initiating a Small Group or Bible Study


We encourage those in our church community to consider initiating a small group. Please contact the pastor if you have an idea or a special interest.

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